About Me

My name’s Adam Brown. I currently live in Crystal, MN a nice, quiet suburb ten minutes outside of Minneapolis, MN. I enjoy movies, comics books, video games, lovely days at the park, and creating things.

I started drawing at the age of 8. I was into drawing my favorite cartoon characters. Cartoons led me to comic books; where I really got into the artistic side of drawing and telling a story. In high school I experimented with a lot of different traditional media; such as inks and paints. I won the scholastic award competition for multi -media my senior year. My art work at that time was shifting into more psychedelic or more like band cover art. I started doing tattoos for a couple years. I even apprenticed at a tattoo parlor for 4 months. Eventually I decided that wasn't for me.

I worked a lot of line cook and chef positions, while always trying to find time for my art on the side. I started going to school for Graphic Design. I figured it was a creative field that tied into my artwork. It took me 5 years going part time to school and working full time to finally get my A.A.S. in Graphic Design.

After School I did some freelance work. My art skills got me jobs doing some Illustration as well as Graphic Design. I've spent much of my free time either trying to pick up some freelance work or trying to learn new skills. More recently I've been really into doing concept design. The process of creating a product and refining it is something I really enjoy. I'm hoping to make a career in which I can use that creativity every day.