Copyright & Photo credits

All projects within this portfolio were done by Adam Brown.

To give credit where credit is due, I have Photo Credits for all projects that need them. While I may sometimes shoot my own photos, I will turn to a Pro to shoot something outside my expertise. To all the companies mentioned or portrayed in this portfolio, I have no intention of profiting from these projects. In all such cases, I have tried my best to bring a positive light to your company and products.

Photo Credits

Corelle Project Photo Credits: Large spread photo, by Denkyw. Cover photo, by Robynmac. The medium sized photo taking up 2/3 of the page is by Shattle. All other images are from the Corelle and World Kitchen websites. I must note that the images shown are not all Corelle products. I have no intention of profiting from this work; I am just using it as a Portfolio piece.

Department of Energy Project Photo Credits: Dam, by Kiriak. Sunflower, by Rcmathiraj. Transmission towers, by Jimsphotos. Blue flower, by Adam 1975. Dam, by Kariak. Solar panel, by Bwhatnall. Sun in sky, by Elyrae. White dandelion, by Chesterf. Wind turbines, by Broker. All images purchased at

Typotheque Project Photo Credits: the photo of Big Ben was purchased at and altered by me. The other images are ones I found online. To whomever it may concern I am not out to make money with these images. They are for my portfolio only.

Books for America Project Photo Credits: Kid leaning on books, by Gelpi. Two girls Reading, by Paula 27. Black books, by Artproem. Boy reading, by Mississippi Images. Woman carrying books, by Keeweeboy. All images purchased at

Tidbits Project Photo Credits: All photos by Adam Brown, except photos of the package in sales sheet by Robert Frazier and a background image by Gregory 21 at

Edgar Allan Poe Project Photo Credits: Skull on spine, by Jgroup. Pile of skulls, by Wrangel. Both found at Pendulum photo, by me (actually a shovel and a knife, I love Photoshop). Poe portrait found at My use of this photo is not for profit, but only as a portfolio piece.

Nougie Project Photo Credits: Candy Photo, by Will Lutzow

MAWP Project Photo Credits: Police women back to back and woman saluting, by Iofoto. Badge, cuffs, and keys, by Webking. Images purchased at

John Carlos Montaine and Hitting the Wall are copyrighted stories of Dan Hartman, whom gave me permission to exhibit the work I did for him.

Dark Tides is a Copyright of Ben Albers, Adam Brown, and Bill Ellis.

Thank You!, to everyone who has supported me along the way.